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Launching Toolbook Courseware in LearnerWeb
Categories: Main Page
Last Modified: May 05, 2004 04:25 PM
Article ID: 10046

1. Packag course for AICC HACP

- Assumes course is a single AU. Multiple AU instructions can provided from technical support

- SCORM Notes will be posted later

2. Edit the AICC  CRS definition file.

If the course is a single AU, edit the Blocks from 1 to 0

Edit the Max_Normal property to 99 as in MaxNormal = 99

3. Edit the AICC AU definition file.

Edt the FileName property to the fully qualified path to where the courseware is located on the web server.

4. At the database, increase the module_history.core_lesson column to size 2000 NVARCHAR. (Toolbook likes to load up data into this colum if asking a lot of question. You might need to make this larger if you run into any operational issues.

5. Follow normal procedures to load and run AICC HACP conformant courseware.

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